Responding to customer demand, Biocatalysts has recently achieved a kosher certificate which will allow the enzyme specialists to manufacture kosher enzymes without the need to have a rabbi present.

Biocatalysts have a long standing relationship with Manchester Beth Din, who has been providing rabbis for nearly 30 years to oversee the production of kosher enzymes. To comply with kashrut (Jewish dietary law), kosher foods may only contain kosher ingredients which have been processed using kosher methods. The rabbi being present at Biocatalysts ensures that this is the case and labels the enzyme kosher. However, following the growth of the company and the expanding market for kosher ingredients, the attainment of kosher accreditation for the manufacturing facility was the next step.

The superb systems in place in both the quality and operations departments at Biocatalysts made this achievable in a relatively short time period. The benefit to customers is considerable. Instead of having to order kosher products well in advance, these products are now routinely produced against forecast without the need for on-site supervision by the Rabbi. There has also been a reduction in the amount of administration of certificates as customers now receive an annual document thereby improving the service delivered.


This accreditation also includes Biocatalysts' new enzyme production plant which means that all products produced, whether for individual customers or general market supply have the option to be kosher, halal and vegetarian, offering an extra level of competitive advantage.

Caroline West, marketing and customer services manager at Biocatalysts commented, "Biocatalysts is now considered as experienced and knowledgeable in the aspect of religious accreditation and we are delighted to share this knowledge with our customers, guaranteeing problem free product compliance. Over 50 percent of our standard products can be produced halal. Along with this growth in the number of materials covered has come a greater level of scrutiny and audits which we have passed with flying colors."

The benefits of religious accreditation are clear to see, taking Biocatalysts closer to becoming the world's leading speciality enzyme manufacturer. It is a classic example of Biocatalysts understanding the needs of their customers and implementing challenging systems to make life easier for them.