In response to intense margin pressures and a new standard of accountability required of feed manufacturers by their stakeholders, Feed Management Systems Inc. (FMS) has introduced a new, advanced capability for delivering precise nutrient content of ingredients that a feed manufacturer buys or uses - a capability that could help save a large mill up to $1 million per year.

The nutrient measure delivery offering is the first commercially available, comprehensive solution for feed manufacturers who seek accurate, real-time business intelligence about the precise nutrient content and value of their ingredients. This knowledge-based solution enables feed manufacturers to confidently set more accurate pricing and provide stronger assurances to customers about the exact nutrient content of a specific feed order.

"The ability to document the actual nutrient content of animal feed is becoming critically important as the feed industry faces increased scrutiny from animal producers and their customers, regulators and others requiring higher accountability and better documentation," said John Foley, formulation portfolio manager at FMS. "The ability to pinpoint nutritional content of an ingredient also enables feed manufacturers to avoid over-formulating that is sometimes needed to meet customer requirements for nutrient content. The potential for costs savings is significant and, by some estimates, could be as high as $5-8 per tonne-or $1 million annually for a mill or business producing 125,000-200,000 tonnes per year.  Until now, this depth of information and knowledge has not been widely available to most of the feed industry." 


This offering is comprised of services, software, data and industry knowledge - and it delivers real-time profiles of the nutrient content of each ingredient offered by each supplier, down to the individual processing plant where it is produced. This new capability provides feed manufacturers with a micro-view of all potential ingredients from every source, giving the feed producer greater control and leverage in purchasing, as well as the ability to select optimum ingredients to enhance animal performance. 

The solution is customizable and scalable and includes:

  • General lab services
  • Near infra-red reflectance spectroscopy (NIR) services, including calibrations, instrument evaluation and maintenance
  • A fully-featured laboratory information management system (LIMS);
  • Ingredient supplier information
  • Nutrient calculation system

This nutrient measure delivery offering represents the first phase in a multi-year initiative by FMS to provide feed manufacturers with the advanced tools and information required to calculate and analyze the precise nutrient content of every ingredient they use. Over time, FMS's goal is to seamlessly integrate this data across a feed manufacturer's entire information management system, making it more easily accessible and instantly actionable.