Nor-Feed Sud, specialized in botanical additives for animal feed, formalized the start of its Algerian affiliate, Nor-Feed Maghreb.

Directed by doctors Mohamed Hammoudi and Baghdad Khiati, from Tiaret's veterinary's institute, the affiliate proposes a range of products specific to the local and regional market.

The Algerian affiliate of this French company was born after a meeting between Mohamed Hammoudi, Ph.D., teacher in Tiaret veterinary's institute, and Pierre Chicoteau, Nor-Feed Sud co-manager.
This partnership was born in a context of growing consumption and production of milk, meat and poultry in Algeria, as well as a national will to industrialize the breading means. Algerian people consume an average of more than 26 gallons of milk per year per person. Algeria is the second importer of milk powder in the world, just after China and before India, a country populated by more than 1 billion people. According to the National Informatics and Statistics Custom Center, Algeria imported around $1.26 billion of milk and milk products in 2012. As for meat, imports amounted to $254.46 billion.


Nor-Feed Maghreb has its own production facility (Sofabel Company) which allows it to create specifically tailored products for animal feed professionals, from active ingredients developed by Nor-Feed Sud.

"Nor-Feed Maghreb develops formulations adapted to the feed professionals' specific needs and pathologies raised by local breeders," Hammoudi said. "Our ambition is to install technical, economical and sustainable solutions for both the country and the region."

"Exportation is a part of our strategic development plan.  Until now, we did that through a broad distributor network in Europe, Asia and Latin America," Pierre Chicoteau, Nor-Feed Sud's founder and co-manager, said. "Today, Nor-Feed Maghreb is our first affiliate and its creation shows our will to work closer to feed professionals in Algeria and more widely, in North Africa."