Chipotle Mexican Grill announced plans to launch "Farmed and Dangerous," a Chipotle original comedy series that satirically explores the world of industrial agriculture in America.

Produced by Chipotle and Piro, a New York-based studio, the initial four-episode season will be presented weekly on Hulu and Hulu Plus beginning February 17. 

According to the company: "The show addresses issues that we think are important - albeit in a satirical way - without being explicitly about Chipotle. This approach allows us to produce content that communicates our values and entertains people at the same time."

"Farmed and Dangerous," which is promoted as exploring "the outrageously twisted world of industrial agriculture," satirizes the lengths to which corporate agribusiness and its image-makers go to create a positive image of industrial agriculture.


Meanwhile, the Animal Agriculture Alliance has weighed in on the most recent in a sting of anti-industrial agriculture marketing pieces, including commercials, produced by the chain. 

"Chipotle's latest smear campaign targeting the animal agriculture community is as insulting as it is misleading," says Kay Johnson Smith, president and CEO of the Animal Agriculture Alliance. "Chipotle sources much of its protein from the same traditional food producers that they continually malign and disparage. Their actions certainly do not match their message of food with integrity. We hope consumers will recognize this campaign as absurd and seek to find ways to connect with real-life farmers and ranchers to ask questions about food production."

View the "Farmed and Dangerous" official trailer online.