Meyn has received a new order from GAP Resource for a line with a capability of processing 9,000 birds per hour. This new line, to be installed in Blagodarny, Russia, is the fourth high-speed line that GAP Resource will be operating. All four have been delivered by Meyn.

Meyn's relationship with GAP Resource dates back to 2008 when Ptitcekombinat LLC was equipped with a state-of-the-art broiler processing line that also has the capability of processing 9,000 birds per hour. In the years that followed, both the facilities of Nevinnomyssk and Blagodarny were equipped with complete Meyn processing lines.


GAP Resource, situated in south Russia, is a vertically integrated agricultural company, starting from growing crops, production of feed mixes up to broiler processing and meal component production. Its mission is to offer millions of families the possibility to buy fresh, high-quality poultry products. The company employs more than 9,000 people and based on a yearly production volume of more than 210,000 tons, ranks third in the Russian poultry market.