The Danish pig population on January 1 increased by 1 percent when compared to the start of 2013, according to figures published by Statistics Denmark. The total pig population of Denmark reached 12.4 million head.

The Danish pig population count was also up 1 percent on the final quarter of 2013, going against the typical seasonal trend where the pig population declines around the end of the year. The breeding herd followed a similar trend, while maiden gilt numbers rose by 10 percent and in-pig-gilts increased by 3 percent on the year. There can be large fluctuations in the number of gilts from census to census, but these numbers suggest some optimism regarding the future production of piglets, according to BPEX.


Piglet numbers in Denmark increased 2 percent on the year, showing some signs of further improvements in productivity. In addition, the rise in piglets was reflected in a 1 percent increase in the count of weaners, but fattening pig numbers remained unchanged. This was largely because of the continuing strength of the weaner export market, with Poland attracting an increasing number in addition to the more established German market.