On March 25, the first of two Total Feed Efficiency webinars will be held. Two prominent speakers will give insights into the latest developments in pig feeding. 

Register for the first Total Feed Efficiency webinar, sponsored by Topigs and presented by WATT Global Media. 

Dr. Piet van der Aar, managing director of the internationally respected Schothorst Feed Research, The Netherlands, will talk about the use of new feed alternatives, feed production methods and other new insights and technologies concerning the production and use of feed.


Professor Bruno Silva, professor and researcher in nutrition and swine production and environmental adaptation at the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG), Brazil, will explain the possibilities of precision feeding, where feeding the right amount of nutrients leads to higher results and greater efficiency.

These two presentations will inform pig producers about new, improved nutrition sources and feed alternatives and how these can dramatically improve feed efficiency, pig health and grow out when combined with precision feeding.

The webinars will be accessible via internet to everybody who has registered for them.