Russia's Cherkizovo Group celebrated its first Ross 400 Club awards with a ceremony held on February 7. Two certificates were awarded for results achieved last year, with Cherkizovo farms Vasilievskaya and Petelinkaya being rewarded for their scores of 409 European Production Efficiency Factor (EPEF) and 431 EPEF, respectively.

Aviagen and Cherkizovo have been working together for more than five years, but this is the first time the Ross 400 Club awards have been introduced. Aviagen's Tore Mercan, director of technical service, and Eduard Taktarov, sales director, were in attendance at the awards along with Sergey Pilipenko, group head of production and Natalia Sereda, head economist, both from Cherkizovo Group.


Mercan said: "'The Ross 400 Club family has been consistently expanding with new members and we are delighted that the Ross genetic potential has been realised in combination with Cherkizovo's high level of management. I would like to congratulate Cherkizovo on reaching these superior broiler results and on behalf of Aviagen I would like to welcome Cherkizovo to the Ross 400 Club."   

Pilipenko added: "We are extremely pleased to become members of the Ross 400 Club. With Ross 308 we always achieve excellent results with, for example, an average EPEF of about 360 on GK Cherkizovo for Ross 308. Our main competitors are four points of FCR behind Ross. Of course we understand that feed conversion is the main factor that contributes to the economics of broiler meat production. I would like to say many thanks to the Aviagen geneticists for their good work. At the moment two of our poultry farms, Vasilievskaya and Petelinskaya, have become members of the Ross 400 Club and we hope that our other production units will also join this prestigious Club in the near future. We are not stopping at what has already been achieved but are determined to further enhance our results in the future."