The Global Disease Monitor reports emerging pig disease threats and pig disease trends from around the world. 


  • A new coronavirus has been detected in pig fecal samples from four swine labs in Ohio. The farms from which the samples were taken experienced outbreaks of a diarrheal disease in sows and piglets in January and early February of 2014.

  • Poland has confirmed its first two cases of African swine fever following tests on carcasses of wild boars found near the village of Szudzialowo, near the Belarus border. The Polish government said on February 18 it is taking action to stop the spread of the disease.

  • Canadian Food Inspection Agency tests of pelleted feed found that PED virus was present in samples of plasma and that it was capable of causing disease in pigs. Testing will continue to confirm a direct link between the feed and the spread of the disease.

  • According to data published by the Swiss Food and Veterinary Safety Federal Office, the PRRS virus detected on the pig farm in Lucerne in early March belongs to the U.S.-type, which is not circulating in Western Europe but is used as a live vaccine in several countries; vaccination is forbidden in Switzerland.

  • The Manitoba Pork Council has reported 37 confirmed cases of PED virus in Canada in a report published March 19.

  • In order to prevent the possible spread of African swine fever, Lithuania will construct a barrier in the territories of Varcios, Gedimino and Kalesniku forests in the Alytus and Varena districts to prevent the migration of wild animals.

    In early March, Switzerland veterinary authorities confirmed the presence of subclinical infection with PRRS virus in a pig farm in Ruswil (Sursee, Luzern). There were 13 cases out of 213 animals on the farm.

  • The British pig industry is on red alert in a bid to prevent an outstandingly virulent pig disease from entering the country. Until more is known about transmission routes of PED virus, the industry is focusing in particular on a specialist feed ingredient for young pigs -- spray-dried porcine plasma.

  • According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, PED virus has surfaced in 27 states. The loss is estimated at more than 5 million piglets in the past several months, with 1.3 million lost in January alone.