VIV Europe returns to Utrecht, Netherlands, May 20-22 with a focus on technology. Poultry International recently asked Ruwan Berculo, VIV project manager, why visitors should attend the show this year.

"VIV Europe is set to bring people together who can decide on the directions our industry should move into," Berculo said.

According to its website, VIV Europe 2014 boasts a complete and compact exhibition. It is complete because, from feed to meat, all exhibitors will present their latest innovations. It is compact because all exhibitors will be under one roof, within a short distance of each other, allowing attendees to do business and network throughout the exhibition.

VIV Europe will cover trends and developments of importance to the feed-to-meat industry, including technology.

"Technology being presented at VIV Europe finds its innovative power in yet another reduction in energy costs and all other inputs related to animal protein production," Berculo said. "Their contribution to a less costly production is significant, increasing the need for poultry producers to invest."


"As an industry, we have to present technologies that will give the right answers to a growing concern about our food safety," he said.

Berculo also said topics discussed at the exhibition will include legislation that affects the food supply chain.

"We have a responsibility to set legislation, following proven concepts and initiatives towards a better control throughout our supply chain," he said.

Other features of VIV Europe 2014 include MeatTech, FeedTech CropTech and Animal Health Summit. There also will be a Biomin seminar, Biosecurity Academy, Dutch Excellence Field Trip, Early feeding conference, GMP+ Conference addressing trends and developments in feed production, Incubation2014, Poultry Drinking Technology Conference, Romijn-lecture featuring English-language lectures addressing sustainable intensification in relation to organic produce and related challenges in food security, WATT Global Media animal welfare conference, WPC 2016 conference previewing poultry topics that will be discussed in depth during WPC 2016 in Beijing, and Lage Landen-Dag for Dutch-speaking attendees.