Dr. Martin Moreira, CEO of Organic Chemical Solutions LLC (OCS), has decided to increase the company's range of packaging options by making additional capital investments in an already state-of-the-art liquid and dry packaging operation located in Miami. New dry packaging equipment was installed and startup was concluded on December 3. 

Dr. Moreira also announced that a decision was made and arrangements have been concluded to launch OCS into the human supplement supply market. A line of at least 50 top-selling human supplements will be offered initially into the world markets by OCS, including the markets in the U.S., Middle East, Far East, Europe and Latin America. Novel approaches to natural treatment aids for diabetics will be offered. 


Organic Chemical Solutions LLC is a    leading domestic and international company with dynamic approaches to product research and biotechnology development. OCS supplies profitable solutions through specialty ingredients and proven feed additives for pet, poultry, pig, cattle, equines and aquatic species.