USPOULTRY and the USPOULTRY Foundation announce the completion of a funded research project at the Georgia Tech Research Institute in Atlanta, Ga., which demonstrates that ultrasound may be useful for reducing Salmonella levels on poultry. The project is part of the Association's comprehensive research program encompassing all phases of poultry and egg production and processing. A brief summary of the completed project is shown below. A complete report, along with information on other Association research, may be obtained by going to the USPOULTRY website. The project summary is as follows:

Project 681: Ultrasonics and Its Synergy for Poultry Water Disinfection     (Dr. Aklilu Giorges; Dr. Doug Britton; Dr. John Pierson; Dr. Samantha Williams; Dr. Athrisa Divya Varahabhatla; and Dr. Elizabeth McMillan, Georgia Tech Research Institute, Atlanta, Ga.)


Researchers at the Georgia Tech Research Institute, led by Dr. Aklilu Giorges, examined the effect of using ultrasonic energy in combination with commonly used antimicrobials on the inactivation of Salmonella in chiller water. In experiments using intentionally contaminated water, simulated chiller water and actual chiller water, it was found in all cases that samples treated with ultrasound, combined with either different concentrations of chlorine or peracetic acid, exhibited better disinfection than samples treated with the chemicals alone. This study indicates that it may be feasible to use ultrasonic energy to enhance product safety.