Novogen organized its fourth customers meeting in Atlanta on January 27, right before the International Production & Processing Expo. The attendees, coming from 16 countries, said the attendance, interaction and presentations in English and Spanish made the meeting very interesting and declared it an overall success. 

Mickaël Le Helloco, general manager of Novogen, gave an update on the ongoing positive developments of Novogen's presence and product performances around the world. Thierry Burlot, director R&D of Novogen, explained to the audience what they can expect in the upcoming years on egg numbers, egg quality, feed consumption and behavior.  Novogen's five-year-long genomics research project was also discussed.


Field results of the Novogen products were shared by PennOVO and Morris Hatchery from the U.S., Verbeek Hatchery from the Netherlands and Tom Barron from the UK. The "classic" and "light" versions of the Novogen Brown and Novogen White birds are present in each of these areas and each region was impressed with their quality. Dr. John Kuhl, nutritional expert from the U.S., gave a review of the feeding strategies of layer pullets and layers.