Russian-based European Biological Technologies has placed a multi-million Euro order for constructing HatchTech, HatchBrood and HatchTraveller at their new poultry integration, which will be realized in the Samara Province. At the corporate offices of HatchTech in the Netherlands, representatives of both companies signed a contract for the delivery of a brand new hatchery, including a brooding facility and chick transport vehicles.

Russian market applies one concept for all stages

HatchTech will supply HatchTech MicroClimer setters and hatchers, all amenities such as a HatchTech ventilation system, a HatchTech water management system, heat recovery system, and the hatchery management system. The hatchery has a capacity to produce 840,000 day-old chicks per week. After hatch, all chicks are transferred to the brooding facility, equipped with 16 HatchBrood units, in which the young chicks will stay for 3- 4 days. Subsequently, the birds will be transported to the broiler farms, by making use of two HatchTraveller's, holding 86,400 day-old chicks each. By incorporating the HatchTech-HatchBrood-HatchTraveller into the new integration, the "one concept for all stages" philosophy has been fully applied.


Excellent solution for Russian poultry farming

During the first four days of their lives, chicks are unable to regulate their own body temperature. Their proper growth and development therefore depends on the climate that poultry farmers create for them. Achieving the perfect combination of air and floor temperatures, air velocity and humidity levels that lead to superior chick quality can be quite difficult; especially in the extreme Russian climate.

Joost ter Heerdt, HatchTech commercial director, stated: "Realizing this excellent project in Samara fulfills us with pride and happiness. HatchTech has been active in the Russian industry for many years. It is very rewarding to see that today our complete product portfolio is being accepted by respected companies such as European Biological Technologies LLC. Together with our team of HatchTech Russ LLC, we are looking forward to a successful project realization."