Dr. Corazon P. Occidental, managing director of Vethealth (Meriden's distributor in the Philippines) has been presented with the PVMA Outstanding Veterinarian in Agribusiness Award at the 81st PVMA Scientific Conference and Annual Convention.

This prestigious award was decided by the PVMA Standing Awards Committee and recognizes the contribution that Occidental has made to the agribusiness industry in the Philippines. 

"To be chosen as the PVMA Outstanding Veterinarian in Agribusiness for 2014 gave me not only a moment of joy but also a sense of pride," Occidental said. "I am grateful to the awards committee and I'm so honored.  I feel that all my years of hard work in agribusiness have been rewarded." 


"I would like to thank the Vethealth and Meriden Animal Health families for all the support and trust in leading the team whom I care a lot about. I am now more inclined to become better and to be in inspiration to my fellow veterinarians," Occidental continued.

Meriden Animal Health would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Occidental on her tremendous success and to thank her for all her hard work as part of the Meriden team.