Register to attend the first installment of a three-part "Grain & Meat Outlook" webinar series for 2014. This webinar is part of the 2014 WATTAgNet Webinar Series and will be presented by WATT Global Media on April 11 at 10 a.m. CDT.

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Webinar attendees can expect to learn:


  • The most current information regarding the U.S. feed market for 2014
  • Key observations regarding planting intentions and grain supply estimates for 2014
  • Strategies for feed users
  • Wholesale meat and poultry supply and pricing for 2014


Tim Brusnahan, vice president of consulting, Richard A. Brock & Associates Inc.; and Dr. Tom Elam, president, FarmEcon LLC, will present estimates for the spring planting season and the impact of the projected plantings on grain supply, price and availability in 2014. The impacts of the projected harvest on the meat and poultry sectors will be forecast, including expectations for meat and poultry supply and prices for the remainder of 2014.

Richard A. Brock & Associates is a commodity trading adviser and commodity pool operator that provides commodity price forecasting, research analysis, hedging and procurement strategies for farm producers, dairy producers and end users of hedgeable and non-hedgeable commodities. Richard A. Brock & Associates serves as an adviser to many of the nation's largest farm operations, agribusiness firms, financial institutions and Fortune 500 companies. Brusnahan has been a stable influence in the sometimes volatile commodity industry. Prior to his employment with Brock Associates, Brusnahan was registered as an associated person with Gerstenberg & Co., a commodity retail brokerage firm in Chicago.

Elam has been working in the area of grain and livestock economics for more than 35 years. His professional career spans service to the University of Illinois, the Economic Research Service of USDA and Elanco Animal Health. In a 24-year career at Elanco, Elam was primarily engaged in global market research and strategic business planning. As a result of that experience, he has broad capabilities in the areas of agricultural price outlook, agricultural production, food marketing, and animal health economics. After retirement from Elanco in 2003, Elam founded his own company FarmEcon LLC.