AB Vista has introduced a brand new technical blog series for the swine industry covering both topical issues within the sector and the specific opportunities to improve performance through nutrition. Authored by Dr. Casey Bradley, AB Vista's technical swine manager for the Americas, the blog can be found on the AB Vista website and will contain content relevant to swine producers worldwide.

"I want readers to gain an insight into areas where swine performance and business profitability can be significantly enhanced through improved nutrition," explained Bradley. "Although we will be covering some technical topics, the aim is to keep the overall feel very informal, in keeping with the blog format."


The first post covers topics as wide-ranging as the current United States grain harvest, the results of a phytase superdosing nursery trial showing a 12.7 percent increase in daily gain, and an insight into Bradley's long-standing connection with pigs. Future topics include a look at the value of fibre-degrading enzymes in swine diets, on-farm comparative trial design, the value of betaine and highlights from the Inspire: International Non-starch Polysaccharide (NSP) Forum 2014.

"More than anything, I'm looking to get people involved in the discussion around these topics, to generate some debate and maybe open a few eyes as to the level of innovation that's currently driving swine nutrition forward," Bradley continued. "These are exciting times in the swine sector, but too often opportunities are missed through a simple lack of awareness or misunderstanding. If this blog helps open up those opportunities to a greater number of swine producers worldwide, then it will have had the positive impact I'm hoping for."