The Canadian Poultry Research Council (CPRC) is to benefit from an additional CA$4 million (US$3.6 million) in funding.

The additional money will be used to help fund research into helping the poultry processing industry remain competitive, while addressing consumer concerns about poultry welfare and environmental preservation. This will include developing new vaccines, reducing the environmental footprint of poultry farms, and providing poultry farmers with access to high-caliber training opportunities.

The Canadian Poultry Research Council was formed in 2001 to provide research funding on behalf of its five members: Chicken Farms of Canada, Canadian Hatching Egg Producers, Canadian Poultry and Egg Processors Council, Egg Farmers of Canada, and Turkey Farmers of Canada.


This latest investment builds on research funding previously received through Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

Chair of the Canadian Poultry Research Council Roelef Meijer commented: "Canada's poultry industry has made embracing innovation part of the industry's vision in recognition of the need to be dynamic and to foster efficiency for farmers and our industry partners.

"This announcement of funding for a second Poultry Science Cluster is a substantial contribution to the sector's future. It will enable researchers to find more immediate answers to industry issues and to provide important information to farmers, stakeholders and consumers."