Pakistan has approved the import of chicken meat from Brazil - currently the largest exporter of halal chicken in the world.

Commenting on the authorization, Francisco Turra, president of the Brazilian Poultry Association, Ubabef, said: "Over the decades we have gained a lot of experience in halal production. Brazil's leadership in this segment of the international market attests to our competence and the quality of our products developed for the Islamic public. Our credibility was fundamental to the success of the negotiations to open up this market."


He continued that while Pakistan produces 700,000 metric tons of poultry meat each year, per capita consumption remains relatively low at 4.5 kilograms. Because of this, Brazil would be working with local companies to raise consumption and exchange information.

"The opening of the Pakistani market to Brazilian poultry meat was one of our main aims for 2014. It is an important market with a lot of potential for growth. Our strategy will focus on complementing local demand, bringing know how and technology to local producers," Turra added.