GfK and Silverado Business Systems have announced a new partnership that greatly expands point-of-sale (POS) data coverage in the farm store channel. Through GfK's rich market information on purchases in specialty retail, veterinary, and farm feed outlets, manufacturers and retailers alike can make smarter decisions about trends driving the market, products available for sale, and marketing.

Silverado provides POS and retail management software to hundreds of feed, ranch, and agricultural retailers across the U.S. - primarily independent shops across the channel. Silverado clients who elect to share their purchase data with GfK will receive detailed reports showing sales trends for specific categories, regional variations, and top performing brands.


"Our partnership with GfK will create a better informed marketplace, expanding the market-level data that every stakeholder can access," said David Glass, president of Silverado Business Systems. "We are anxious to share this opportunity with our retail partners, who stand to benefit immensely through GfK's thorough and insightful reports on the industry. By bringing together rich data on the pet retail, veterinary and farm feed channels, GfK is empowering a holistic approach to product planning and marketing."

"We are thrilled to be partnering with a smart and well respected force in the farm feed channel," said Neil Portnoy, managing director of GfK's retail and technology team. "Silverado's strong relationships with retail partners, and focus on enabling a savvier approach to retail performance, make them an ideal addition to our family of panel contributors."