Tomás Pérez will be the technical and commercial representative for Novogen in Ecuador, Peru, Colombia and Venezuela. He will also provide technical and commercial support for the neighboring countries of Central America and for the Southern Cone, the most southern region of South America. Pérez' experience, technical competences, analytical capacity and social skills will be of great value for the development of Novogen's business in South America.

Pérez graduated from the Universidad San Francisco de Quito in 2009. After getting his diploma, Pérez continued his master's pursuit at the University of Essex in the UK, earning his degree in animal biology and welfare. He started his professional experience at Wageningen University Livestock Centre collaborating in a project related to the welfare of broilers. He has collaborated in Ecuador in audits for humane treatment of animals in processing plants and was director of Nutrisalminsa S.A., a company that specializes in mineral nutrition and technical support for dairy.


Pérez is Ecuadorian and lives in Quito.