Kemin is launching a new customer service tool to better assess the oxidative quality and nutritional value of oils and fats in feed. The Lipid Evaluation Test provides nutritionists with accurate lipid profiles containing the apparent metabolizable energy (AME) values and oxidative status and potential in order to improve applications and combat unwanted variations of oils and fats in animal nutrition.

Oils and fats are critical ingredients in feed formulations due to their high energy-yielding potential. However, like many raw materials, these lipids come from a wide variety of sources and are prone to large variations in their nutritive value.

"Until now, the tools to effectively evaluate the nutritional and quality profile of lipids were not readily available to the industry," said Dr. Liong Kah Heng, marketing director of the company's animal nutrition and health division in Asia Pacific. "Traditionally, nutritionists analyzed oils and fats using the standard energy value, which our researchers have found to be quite different from the actual values. With the Lipid Evaluation Test, nutritionists can work with their Kemin representative to ensure they have accurate, reliable numbers."

Numerous analyses performed by Kemin scientists have resulted in up to 30 percent variations in AME values for a single oil type. The nutritional value of oils and fats are characterized by the ratio of unsaturated/saturated fatty acids, the level of free fatty acids, as well as the level of moisture and various impurities. 


In addition to differences in energy levels, Kemin researchers also found large variations in the oxidative status of oils and fats. Measuring the oxidative status and oxidative potential provides an understanding of the lipid rancidity and overall quality of oils and fats.

Along with accurate and informed testing services, Kemin offers solutions, such as Lysoforte, which has been shown to reduce nutritional energy differences and enhance the utilization of energy from oils and fats in combination with an antioxidant program. This can lead to improved feed conversion ratios and lower production costs.

"The Lipid Evaluation Test is a testament to the continued commitment of Kemin to deliver advanced technologies and services to keep animals safe, healthy and efficient," said Dr. C. Sugumar, product manager at Kemin. "With this new service, nutritionists can have a clear, accurate understanding of the nutritional and quality status of oils and fats in order to make informed decisions on their use, and ultimately, to optimize feed formulations and profitability."