A Tyson Foods spokesman has addressed concerns of people in Cherokee, Iowa, saying the company does not currently have any plans to close its deli meats plant in Cherokee or make any other major changes. Tyson Foods in January had laid off an estimated 60 employees at the plant, shifting some of the production at that plant to other Tyson facilities.

In an email to the Chronicle Times, Tyson Foods spokesman Dan Fogleman stated at the present time, Tyson has "no plans to make any additional major changes, although we are continually adjusting various aspects of our business to meet the changing needs of our customers."


Tyson completed a multi-million dollar expansion at the Cherokee plant in 2010 after shifting some work there from a plant in Oklahoma, according to reports. The plant was built in 1965 by Wilson Foods, starting as a pork and beef slaughter and fabrication plant. Tyson Foods has owned the facility since 1997.