Marc Baribault, who in 2013 accepted the role of vice president of Arbor Acres in Asia, has reached the milestone of 35 years with Arbor Acres. He is now responsible for the business unit in a major growth area for the poultry industry. 

Knowing the customers well is a major component of how he manages and this advantage will be utilized as Baribault continues to succeed and manage Arbor Acres for the next phase of his career.

Marc has had a strong affinity for Arbor Acres right from his early days with the company.  He spent his first two years in the pedigree operation in Connecticut working with the most valuable birds in the company. Following that introduction, Baribault had the chance to attend the Arbor Acres School in 1980 and be classmates for seven weeks with several people from within the company and from customer companies that would prove to be lifelong associates whom he still works with today.

That is how Baribault has lived his career with Arbor Acres and what he enjoys most about the poultry industry.  He has utilized his opportunities to get to know people, working with them closely and confidently to get the desired technical performance in over 50 countries around the world.


Following his pedigree initiation, Baribault moved to Mississippi where he worked as production manager at the company's grandparent operation managing about 400,000 grandparents annually and leading a team of 80 farm staff for 16 years. In 1994 he moved to Blairsville, Ga., and served as production manager for the grandparent facility at that location. Baribault had spent two years in Georgia when the chance to take an international trip to Israel was offered.  He accepted and a new phase of his career had begun.

Baribault's international technical service started in the Middle East and Africa for several years. He then worked in the Latin America Division along with some customer work in Hungary and also special assignments in Asia.

In 2000 Baribault accepted the responsibility of technical service manager for Asia leading the Arbor Acres technical team and becoming more involved with the customers in the region. His drive to get to know the customer and to 'smother them in technical service' became obvious to all as time progressed.

Baribault stated, "You never stop learning about the bird and also the individual strengths of the customers he explained, whether it's the foresight of what is going to happen in the market, getting people in the company to work together or being able to get performance from the bird, it is all a part of the business and the poultry industry that I will never tire of."