Verbeek Hatchery organized and hosted a two-day poultry seminar for its Polish customers in March. During the practical session, the participants visited the Verbeek hatchery and rearing farms. In the theoretical part of the seminar, the visitors (owners and personnel of rearing and laying farms) from all over Poland, were informed about the Verbeek rearing and laying strategy, including water, feed and lighting management.

The program, featuring a busy schedule, was organized by Natalia Kaik and Karolina Poniatowska, the Verbeek sales agents in Poland. After a word of welcome, Sales Manager Hans van Leeuwen gave information about the Verbeek organization and the strategic choices of Verbeek Hatchery Holland. Jac Matijsen, technical manager of Verbeek, gave further details such as the start-up of chicks, the feed strategy and the ideal climate conditions.

Later on in the programme, there were demonstrations of the water and lighting strategy, along with details about hygienic measures during the rearing process. The scheduling of vaccinations was also discussed.


During the practical session, the participants first visited the innovative Verbeek hatchery in Zeewolde. The entire group started to shower, according to the hygiene regulations, before seeing how Verbeek puts its rearing strategy into practice. There was also attention for the startup of day-old chicks in practice. A visit to a rearing farm with aviary/cage rearing gave a clear idea of the Verbeek feed, water and lighting strategy in practice.

The Verbeek Polish poultry seminar customers were very enthusiastic and there were a lot of questions. They all gave positive feedback about the program. "We can look back on a successful seminar, in which our customers gained a great deal of information about Verbeek and its approach. The Verbeek team is very pleased to share its know-how and expertise with their customers," said van Leeuwen.