Hama Plus S.A., Poland's largest producer of day-old chicks and a fully owned subsidiary of Denmark's DanHatch A/S, is advancing its plans to double capacity with SmartPro single-stage incubation technologies from Pas Reform. The company aims to continue its dynamic growth on the Polish and European markets by constantly increasing its range of high quality products, an important strand in parent company DanHatch A/S's expansion, particularly in the northeastern and southern regions of Europe.

With ambitious growth as a key pillar of Hama Plus S.A.'s development strategy, work began in 2012, when the company launched its first hatching egg farms at its Stary Widzim site, to provide the highest quality eggs for its hatchery operations, with 20 million eggs produced annually. Since then, further expansion has brought production to 50 million hatching eggs each year.


In 2014, the Stary Widzim hatcheries are being refurnished with Pas Reform's most advanced SmartPro single stage incubation technologies and fully automated egg setting lines, as the hatchery extends capacity to deliver 95 million day old chicks annually by June of 2014 to put the company on track to achieve production levels of 115 million day-old chicks each year by 2016.

By deploying the very latest hatchery technologies for its forward-looking plans, Hama Plus S.A. has grown quickly to become one of the largest producers of day-old broiler chicks -- a strong partner not only for individual producers in Poland, but also for large integrated poultry companies developing in across Europe.