Industry experts will discuss the benefits of increased seven-day weights and reduced early mortality on broiler flocks and new approaches to achieving these performance objectives in a webinar sponsored by Pacific Vet Group and presented by WATT Global Media.

Register at to attend the webinar, "You Never Have to Recover from A Good Start: Importance of Early Flock Performance and Recent Innovations in Hatchery Probiotics," which will be held Wednesday, May 7 at 9 a.m. CDT.

During the webinar, attendees will learn about:


  • Industry trends and new developments in alternatives to antibiotics
  • The critical ingredient for consistent, reliable performance from a probiotic
  • Pioneer colonizers that give broiler chicks a head start to optimal performance


Dr. Billy Hargis, professor in the department of poultry science at the University of Arkansas, will speak on innovations in science-based probiotics.

Dr. Ross Wolfenden, vice president of research and development at Pacific Vet Group, will address the critical importance of isolate selection.

Dr. James Barton, director of technical services at Pacific Vet Group, will discuss a new technology specifically developed for hatchery administration.