Perdue Farms, through a $5,000 grant funded by the Arthur W. Perdue Foundation, is assisting the USO Delaware in its mission to support and comfort the families of the fallen and troops and military families of Delaware.

"The generous support of Perdue and the foundation will go a long way towards assisting the families of the fallen during the dignified transfer of their loved one here at Dover Air Force Base," said Bruce Kmiec, USO Delaware operations manager. "It's because of the donations from community partners like Perdue that we can continue to provide assistance and ease the burden for families in a most difficult time."


Dover Air Force Base in Dover, Del., is the lone place where bodies of troops killed in action return to the United States and are received by family members.

"I cannot think of any organization or group of people who deserve more support than our military," said Mitzi Perdue, Arthur W. Perdue Foundation Board member, in presenting the grant. "They've written a blank check with their lives to help defend and protect us. How can we possibly repay them enough?"