The first international poultry, aquaculture and large animal trade show in conjunction with VIV Europe was held February 21-23 at Kish Island, in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The 2014 Iran VIV brought together more than 200 local and international exhibitors and more than 3,000 attendees. 

Among international companies, there were 10 companies from the United States, some of which even sent representatives.  The show also featured some seminars organized to promote sales, by both local and international companies.


ImEx Gulf Inc., which represents over 10 U.S. companies, had the most visitors as it had displayed the U.S. flag in its stand.  As a matter of fact, this happened for the first time for over three decades.

Since the first Kish Island show was a success, VIV and Sunsafa Co. are discussing the possibility of hosting another Kish Island show.