The first Cobb500 grandparent flock has arrived in the republic of Mari-El with the company Akashevskaya – seven months after it started building new complying with Cobb standards. 

This flock is part of the first stage to place 60,000 female line females in this Russian republic. The grandparent stock, needed for their own production and to supply to other Cobb customers, is sited at a strategic location within Russia to minimize the travel time to customers. 

Cobb Europe grandparent specialist Philippe Gouault, who watched the birds arrive at the farm, stated: "The highly motivated staff and brand new housing, combined with excellent biosecurity, augurs well for the success of this operation, which is extremely important for growth of the breed in Russia. 


“We already have a market presence in the Russian Federation, and it is vital for us to have expanding local production to meet the needs of our customers," Gouault continued. 

Vladimir Tarasov, production director of Akashevskaya, added: "This cooperation with Cobb has been very open and constructive. With the ongoing support of Cobb Europe on technical aspects and quality assurance, customers are assured of the best quality chicks from Akashevskaya.”