Stienen BE and Porphyrio have closed a partnership on transfer of production data. With this agreement, the Stienen BE farm control systems are fully compatible with Porphyrio’s smart integrated management software. Hence, livestock producers that invested in Stienen systems can now take full advantage of their climate and production data by using the solutions of Porphyrio.

The goal of the agreement is that existing and new Stienen customers can connect their farm control systems easily and reliably with Porphyrio’s management software. Porphyrio’s software includes Lay-Insight for layers, layer breeders and pullets, and Broiler-Insight for broilers and broiler breeders. With this software, data management and data interpretation are made easy by advanced statistical algorithms. Farm data are transformed into practical management information for better daily management.


Erwin Stienen, director of Stienen BE, comments: “This partnership fits in our vision being open for data exchange with third parties that can add value to our mutual customers. That is exactly what Porphyrio does.”

Kristof Mertens, Porphyrio’s managing director, adds: “We are happy that Stienen is the next important farm control provider that has an open mind for data sharing. We want to create value for the livestock farmer by getting the most out of his data. A reliable and secure connection for good data transfer is important to assure the best results."