Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe has approved a $10,000 grant to conduct an in-depth and independent feasibility study focused on attracting integrated poultry companies to Virginia’s Pittsylvania County. The funding for the study will come from the governor’s Agriculture & Forestry Industries Development Fund (AFID).

The study will inventory which companies are considering expanding, how and where a poultry complex could be located, which attributes of an area are attractive to poultry companies and how Pittsylvania County can enhance its profile and marketing strategies to lobby these poultry companies. This feasibility study and the data it produces will be utilized to develop promotional pieces and to assist the county in the manner best suited to invite an integrator to Southern Virginia. 

The grant for the poultry company feasibility study was one of three grants awarded through the AFID. The other two focus on making locally grown produce available all year. The three grants totaled $60,000.


“Supporting Virginia’s diverse agricultural and forestry sectors is a great way to expand and diversify our economy,” said McAuliffe. “Assisting localities in identifying potential new projects and implementing programs that strengthen agriculture and forestry in their communities will contribute to building a 21st Century Virginia economy. Laying the foundation for possibly larger future projects in these communities, the relatively small, but important, amount of state support provided today allows localities to plan strategically and creatively about how to incorporate two of the state’s largest industries into their economic development efforts.”