Kippen – Chickens, a book on chickens brings industry and fanciers together. The book was officially launched on May 10 at the Dutch Poultry museum in Barneveld, the Netherlands.

Emeritus professor of poultry medicine and former director of Artis Royal Zoo Dr. Maarten Frankenhuis presented the first copy of the book Kippen - Chickens together with the mayor of Barneveld. Written by three poultry professionals, the book presents the history of chickens in words and pictures. Its uniqueness lies in the glass negatives that were found a few years ago. These glass negatives form the link between the past and the present. Old, historical and sometimes very special images from archeology, art, architecture and religion dating back almost 4000 years show the evolution of chickens throughout the ages and their importance as farm animals. Further, the book is written in Dutch and English, which contributes to the international importance of this subject and the uniqueness of this publication.

Author Hans L. Schippers has written more than 30 books on small farm animals, many about chickens. He describes the most popular breeds worldwide and the most typical Dutch breeds in a distinctive fashion. Former researcher at the Spelderholt Poultry Research Centre, Piet Simons, is now ambassador of Dutch Poultry Centre in the Netherlands. His knowledge about the poultry industry is well presented in the history chapter of the book. Pieter Borst has the largest collection on chickens one could image. Some of his stamps, teaspoons and collector's cards can be found in the book. English poultry expert David Bland corrected the English translation. Thus, poultry fanciers and industrial poultry companies are well represented in this publication.


Kippen - Chickens is available from Roodbont Publishers, Zutphen, the Netherlands.