Bayer HealthCare’s Animal Health group has finalized a sole distribution agreement with innovation’s company Ashkan Animal Health’s Aviboost and Byboost nutraceutical range for the Southern African Region. This region includes South Africa, Namibia, Swaziland, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Mozambique. 

Under the agreement, territories abounded by the Zambezi River, the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean will now be exclusively serviced and supplied by Bayer.

The innovative nutraceutical range developed in South Africa by Eddy Mehta of Ashkan Animal Health will be marketed exclusively by Bayer HealthCare’s Animal Health group.

The Aviboost and Byboost range provide nano- particulate nutrients, quickly and effectively, in a liquid form to the livestock and poultry industry. Organic minerals coupled with specifically balanced vitamins, essential protein precursors and nucleotides deliver a readily available boosted package enhancing investment return for Poultry and large animal farmers.


The CEO of Ashkan Holdings commented that the 4-year relationship with Bayer now had a solid foundation while Bayer Marketing Manager Dr. Barry Schoombee emphasized that the only way forward for this range “was upwards and outwards” at the signing of the agreement emphasizing, “The beauty of this range is that the farmer can immediately alleviate any micronutrient deficiency syndrome on farm once identified, reducing the long term impact on production and profitability”

The agreement includes the exclusive distribution of Aviboost Poultry Tonic, the flagship of this range as well as the innovative and novel Byboost Scour-Ex for the treatment of scours in ruminant and monogastric stock. A combination energizer,  Byboost Liquigize,  as well as Byboost Kal-Ci-Phos with extra+ Zinnc will go a long way to providing the protein producing industry of Southern Africa with essential immediate response tools to alleviate nutrient stress episodes and enhance investments returns in both intensive and extensive livestock farming sectors.

The comprehensive range will be supplied solely through Bayer and UTI, its logistic partners.