The North Carolina Poultry Federation (NCPF) recently recognized three North Carolina poultry growing families for outstanding environmental stewardship at the federation’s annual meeting in Greensboro, N.C. Gary Hardison, manager of Sylvester Turkey Farm, was chosen as the winner of the federation's 2007 Environmental Award. Hardison raises 50,000 toms per flock in ten turkey houses on contract with Carroll’s Turkeys. Sylvester Turkey Farm is a finishing farm and the birds are brooder at another location.

Two chicken operations, Derek Phillips’ farm and Triple T Farm were named as runner-ups at the awards banquet. Derek Phillips grew up around poultry. His father began raising turkeys on contract with Amour Foods in the 1970’s and switched to raising broilers with Tyson Foods in 1993. Derek Phillips purchased three used broiler houses in 2000, and now manages his own farm and his father’s farm. Derek’s farm is located near Monroe, N.C., and he has a number of nearby neighbors. He does not spread any litter on his farm and works diligently on pest control to maintain good neighbor relations. The Phillips family grows a wide variety of produce which they sell at their own retail store. In addition to his farming activities, Derek Phillips has worked as a technical advisor for Tyson Foods for the last three years.


Triple T Farm, Hiddenite, N.C., is owned and operated by the Chatham family. The husband and wife team of Tom and Cathy Chatham along with one of their sons, Trevor, care for pullets in six houses on contract with Mountaire Farms. The Chathams also raise tobacco and cattle on their 300 acre farm. Triple T was awarded the River Friendly Farmer Award by the Alexander County Soil and Water Conservation District.