The Georgia Dock boneless skinless breast meat price climbed over $0.30 per pound in the six weeks leading up to May 9, reaching $1.845 per pound. Leg-quarter and whole-bird prices have continued to inch up as well. In fact, the whole-bird price reached $0.7925 on May 9, which is the highest the whole-bird price has been since the fall of 2004. 

Broiler egg sets, as reported by the USDA, have increased in the last five weeks. In the five-week period ending May 5, egg sets were up 2.59 percent versus the same period last year. It appears that many integrators have either already gone back to regular flock placements or will be going back to regular flock placements in the near future. Demand for chicken traditionally peaks in the summer and placements tend to increase seasonally as well.


Breast Meat Chart Stats

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Breast meat prices are up over $0.30 per pound in the six weeks ending May 9.