Hillshire Brands is giving consideration to unsolicited proposals from Pilgrim's and Tyson Foods to purchase the meat products company. Both purchase offers came about two weeks after Hillshire Brands announced its intent to purchase food processor Pinnacle Foods.

Tyson Foods on May 29 proposed an all-cash offer to acquire Hillshire Brands for $6.8 billion or $50 per share. Two days earlier, rival poultry company Pilgrim’s offered to purchase Hillshire Brands for $6.4 billion or $45 per share.

Both Pilgrim's and Tyson's proposals are contingent upon Hillshire withdrawing its plans to purchase Pinnacle Foods.


Hillshire Brands posted statements on its website the same day each offer was made. In response to the purchase offer from Tyson, Hillshire stated: “Consistent with its fiduciary duties, and in consultation with its independent financial and legal advisors, Hillshire Brands’ Board will thoroughly review the Tyson Foods proposal.”

A nearly identical statement was issued on May 27 when Pilgrim’s made its offer, with the exception that when the Pilgrim’s proposal was made, Hillshire mentioned its planned acquisition of Pinnacle Foods. “We continue to strongly believe in the strategic merits and value creation potential provided by the proposed transaction with Pinnacle Foods,” the company stated.

Hillshire Brands’ pending purchase of Pinnacle Foods was expected to be finalized in September.