Swine breeding and pig genetics companies Topigs International and Norsvin International AS have merged their international commercial and research and development activities into one new company, Topigs Norsvin.

The alignment, announced in the U.S. at the 2014 World Pork Expo on Wednesday, will generate more genetic progress, new products, and better solutions and support for their customers. Topigs Norsvin will be the world's second largest supplier of swine genetics with an annual with annual revenues exceeding US$179 million. The company will produce more than 1.55 million crossbred gilts and over 8 million doses of semen per year.

Norsvin SA and Topigs Nederland are not part of the merger, and the current products of both merging companies will remain available. The head office of Topigs Norsvin will be in Vught, the Netherlands.


Topigs and Norsvin are a perfect match,” said Martin Bijl, CEO of Topigs Norsvin. “We are both research and development driven and have complimentary portfolios. Topigs brings robust, easy to manage lines providing the best total feed efficiency. Norsvin brings extremely productive, lean and efficient lines."

The companies already have several years of close cooperation in research and development.