Poultry and pig products will not miss out as the spotlight turns on Brazil for the FIFA World Cup, as match host cities will be used for a series of promotional events organized by the  Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA).

For Brazilian consumers, the association will raise the image of products made from poultry, sheep and pig meat targeting specific consumer groups. Bags will be delivered to gymnasia, and taxis will be asked to distribute campaign material to passengers.

Chicken? Only on the table

T-shirts in the national colors of green and yellow will be handed out with slogans including “Chicken? Only on the table!,” “Eggs, energy to help you play,” and “Brazilian pork, try the taste!” Recipes also will be handed out in restaurants.

“The international sporting event will lead to opportunities to work with the Brazilian public,” says ABPA executive president Francisco Turra, “the main consumer of the animal protein produced here." 

“Our aim is also to highlight the nutritional differences of these proteins, in particular for those who practice sport, as well as publicizing our social networks such as Amo Frango.” 


Alongside these home market-focused activities, ABPA will be partnering with the Brazilian investment and export promotion agency (Apex-Brasil) to work with the international press. Events will include meat tasting in specialized restaurants. Throughout the World Cup, a public relations agency will work in foreign markets to highlight Brazilian poultry and pork while attention is focused on the county.

Additional exports

ABPA also is taking part in Apex-Brasil’s World Cup Project, and will hand out recipe books and promote the brands Brazilian Chicken, Brazilian Pork and Brazilian Egg to the 2,300 foreign business people invited to visit to Brazil to meet Brazilian companies during June and July. 

Member companies of ABPA will bring more than 20 importers of poultry and pig products from seven countries – U.S., Japan, U.K., Ghana, Uruguay, Argentina and Belgium – for meetings during the monthlong soccer event with representatives of JBS, Aurora, Frangos Granjeiros, Minerva Farm Foods and Globo Aves. The aim will be to strengthen relationships and boost sales. The participants believe that the initiative should lead to an additional US$5 million in exports.

“We are going to make the most of the moment in which Brazil is in the international spotlight to show the role that the country is already playing - as well as the further potential that it has as a partner - in supporting the planet’s food security, with the supply of proteins such as eggs and pig and poultry meat, healthily, with quality, and sustainability,” adds the ABPA president.