The European poultry industry should become more sustainable starting in July thanks to new rules allowing the use of chicken litter for on-farm energy.

From July 15, all poultry farms across the EU will be allowed to combust poultry litter on-farm to create energy. The change is part of the Animal By-Product Implementing Regulations, which allow the on-farm combustion of poultry litter for fuel, and which been published in the EU’s Official Journal in June.


Board chairman of the U.K.’s National Farmers Union Duncan Priestner commented: “This represents a massive, positive development for the poultry industry, one which embraces new technology and is keen to make use of on-farm byproducts, both to the benefit of business and the environment, by relying less on traditional energy sources. There are also a number of other benefits, including healthier birds, minimized biosecurity risks, and opportunities to use nutrient-rich ask on farmland.”