The Krasnodoskaya Broiler team has joined an elite group of high performing poultry producers in Russia by becoming the latest member of the Russian Ross 400 Club. Krasnodoskaya attained a European production efficiency factor (EPEF) score of 425 with a flock of 21,000 chicks, highlighting the performance potential of the Ross broiler in global markets.

Technical and sales managers from Aviagen were on the stand at the recent VIV Europe 2014 exhibition to meet Russian customers and discuss their current production results and plans for the future. The Krasnodoskaya Broiler team visited the stand where they were presented with their 400 Club membership in recognition of their hard work and exceptional performance with the Ross 308 broiler.

Tyark Osterndorff of Aviagen LLC said: “We are delighted to see the continuing rise in performance results from the Russian market. Myself and the team here at Aviagen LLC want to pass on our congratulations to everyone involved in achieving this marvelous result as we all appreciate the commitment to hard work and procedures a result like this means.”


Representatives from the Krasnodoskaya poultry farm at Volgograd, director Ruslan Gashuk and production director Evgeny Zinin were awarded with a Ross 400 Club membership certificate at a ceremony attended by farm workers, Aviagen representatives and local media representatives.