Producing pork efficiently is the key for successful pig farming. By breeding for the highest total feed efficiency, you can produce more pork with less feed from farrow to finish.

  Register at to attend Total Feed Efficiency for pigs: the effects of genetics and management, a webinar sponsored by TOPIGS Norsvin and presented by WATT Global Media. The webinar will be held Tuesday, July 15 at 8 a.m. CDT.

Pig integrators, producers and processors, pig farm managers, veterinarians, nutritionists, pig feed formulators, and pig health professionals should attend to learn:


  • How genetics can impact the total feed efficiency of breeding goals
  • The main factors influencing feed efficiency and what you can do to improve your herd performance
  • How to profit from rapid and effective genetic progress

Webinar speakers

Speakers for this webinar will be Philip van den Brink, founder of SwiNco, and Hans Olijslagers, chief technical officer of TOPIGS Norsvin.   

Van den Brink has 25 years of experience in the feed business all over the world. He worked for Provimi as a swine specialist, account manager and product manager. In 2009, he founded SwiNco, which has a focus on swine in a broad perspective but specializes in nutrition.

Olijslagers has been chief technical officer of swine genetics company TOPIGS Norsvin since 2011. Olijslagers has considerable national and international experience in pig breeding. He has worked for Pigture Group since 1987 and has held various management positions within TOPIGS Norsvin including regional director for Northwest Europe and director for the Dutch market. He graduated from Wageningen University in 1987.