A new industry association representing European hatcheries and poultry breeders is expected to come into operation on January 1, 2015. 

The Association of European Hatcheries (AEH), the Association for European Hatching Eggs (EPEXA) and the European Poultry Breeders Association (EPB) have been working to create the new and larger association, which will be known as the Association of European Hatching Eggs, One-Day Olds and Pullet Exporters in the EU Countries (ELPHA). The association members have approved the merger, and the joint association will come into being on in January 2015. 

The decision to merge was announced at the EPEXA general assembly, held in June. President Jacque de Lange highlighted several challenges facing the region’s poultry industry, and called for more cooperation among the various industry players. Among challenges could be possible competition on the home market for hatching eggs and chicks from third countries as a result of bilateral trade agreements. 


In 2013, the European Union exported more than 920 million hatching eggs to third countries, of which 5 million were from turkeys. About 170 million one-day-olds were also exported, including 24 million layers and 14 million turkeys. 

Trade in hatching eggs, including the 1.1 billion hatching eggs traded within the EU, is worth more than EURO560 million (US$763.2 million).