Wendy’s International, Inc., recently announced that it has changed its animal welfare guidelines and will give preference to chicken suppliers who employ CAS and pork producers who do not use gestation crates. CAS systems are used as the primary means of stunning at four USA turkey slaughter plants and one broiler plant.

In a press release Wendy’s said, “CAS systems are used in Europe and by some U.S. suppliers growing turkeys. Wendy’s animal welfare experts recently witnessed a CAS system at a turkey plant. Based on these direct observations, Wendy’s will give purchasing preference to approved suppliers who actively explore and test CAS systems, as long as product quality and value continue to meet its standards.”


Wendy’s has its own animal welfare advisory council that meets regularly to review company and supplier audits and other initiatives. Audits are a component of the company’s animal welfare program. Audits are announced and unannounced and they cover everything form bird housing, transportation and processing.

Burger King announced a preference for chicken suppliers who use CAS earlier this year.