Statistics released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and circulated by USAPEEC, quantify exports of shell eggs and products for the first quarter of 2009. 

The table shows a 59% increase in shipment of shell eggs for the first quarter of 2009 compared to the corresponding quarter of 2008. Total value was increased by 38% to $9.9 million but unit value declined by 13% from 96 cents per dozen to 83 cents per dozen. 

Reducing price allowed U.S. exporters to compete more favorably compared to other exporters. During March 2009, exports amounted to 5.32 million dozen or 1.5% of the U.S. production of shell eggs not consigned to breaking (assuming 285 million hens at 75% average flock production and 67% marketed in shell form). 

During Q1 of 2009, shell exports amounted to 1.1% of production of eggs marketed in shell form. Major importers of shell eggs included Canada, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates and Israel.

During Q1 of 2009, egg product volume declined by 13% but a 19% increase in the unit value raised overall export value by 4% to $21.6 million. The decline in exports of egg products was due to reduced shipments to Japan (-15% Q1 2009 vs. Q1 2008) which was partly offset by increased volume to Canada, Mexico, Germany and Korea.


                                                        Q1 '08________________________Q1 '09_____

                                      Volume      Value         Unit            Volume          Value            Unit

                                                          $m           c/doz                                  $m              c/doz

 Product                                                                                            (% change over 2008)

Table Eggs

 (m. dozen)













Egg Production

 (m. tons)













                           COMPARISON OF EGG EXPORT DATA, Q1 2008 & 2009

Source: USAPEEC May 11, 2009