Brazil’s poultry exports over the first six months of 2014 rose by volume, but fell by value. By volume, exports increased by 0.7 percent to stand at 1.902 million tons. However, by value, there was a sharp decrease of 9.2 percent to US$3.718 billion.

Poultry exports hit in June

For the month of June, the Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA) notes that the volume of whole birds, cuts and processed poultry meat exported was 3.1 percent lower, while the value of exports fell by 2.2 percent. This is explained in part by the annual export quota to the European Union coming to an end, meaning that there were only 10 days during June for shipments to be sent from Brazil to Europe. The new export quota comes into operation during July.


The first half report sees the continuation of the trend reported earlier this year of steadily growing volumes but with lower sales by value. However, the association also notes that, if the effects of exchange rates are ignored, profitability in the poultry sector has increased this year.