HIPRA participated as a major sponsor in the 23rd International Pig Veterinary Society Congress (IPVS 2014), held June 8-11 in Cancun, Mexico. The company held a symposium titled “Dialogues on Keys to Prevention in Swine Health,” which was attended by more than 600 participants.

HIPRA brought together three world-renowned specialists to speak at the event: Tanja Opriessnig, Christopher Chase and John Carr. The specialists offered their respective points of view on prevention in swine production.


Dr. Opriessnig presented an update on problems faced by veterinarians with respect to the most common diseases in the sector. She also showed participants a number of maps that depicted the global distribution of the diseases and the main corresponding genotypes. Dr. Chase spoke about the key role of the immune system in swine. Participants were shown a set of 3D videos with images that clearly illustrated several very complex processes. Lastly, Dr. Carr offered a practical perspective in which he stressed that strict biosecurity is key to eliminating pathogens. The event concluded with complimentary cocktails from HIPRA for all participants.