The International Egg Commission has promoted Cassy Price to the position of operations director and has named Professor David Hughes as the IEC global food marketing analyst.

“We are delighted to announce that Cassy Price is now IEC operations director; this new role reflects the hard work and commitment that Cassy has dedicated to the IEC, and her part in helping the organization grow into the successful IEC Group it is today,” said Julian Madeley, director general of the IEC.

As operations director, Price will be responsible for organising and managing IEC conferences as well as managing the daily operations of the IEC Group, which includes: the International Egg Commission, International Egg Commission Ltd, International Egg Commission Conferences and International Egg Foundation. Price has been part of the IEC for over four years, and during this time has played an integral part in its success, helping to implement new programs and initiatives set by the IEC Executive Board. 


“This is a very exciting time, as we continue to grow and develop the IEC and the global egg industry as a whole,” said Price. “Eggs contain the highest quality protein you can buy, plus all the essential vitamins and minerals required for a healthy diet, and we are continually looking at ways to make them more accessible to everybody, everywhere in the world as part of our commitment to providing access to high quality protein for people who are underfed and undernourished.”     

Price also applauded Hughes’ decision to join the IEC team.

“I am delighted that Professor David Hughes has also joined our team,” she said.  “David will be assisting us with the global marketing of eggs, and representing our industry at the Consumer Goods Forum.  David brings a wealth of food and drink marketing experience to the IEC; he is an expert on global food industry issues, particularly consumer trends, and he is a strong proponent of building vertical alliances between key chain members in the food industry.”

Price is supported in her new role, by her team Caron Floyd and Valerie Lee.