The Pork Checkoff launched RealPigFarming, a new social media outreach program to share real stories from real farmers with consumers. This new initiative is a social movement to create and own the conversation around modern pig farming.

The goal of the project is to empower pig farmers to have meaningful and impactful conversations on social media with consumers about what happens on their farms. Choosing to tell the story of #RealPigFarming via social networks helps bring consumers and pig farmers together in a way that was not possible just a few years ago. In networks that are powered by images and videos, producers can tell their story in multiple different ways.


An elite team of social media “agvocates” called Social Forces has been selected for this mission. This team includes not only producers from more than 10 states, but animal science and agriculture students from colleges across the U.S. The Social Forces team is being asked to go above and beyond when telling their farming stories on social media.

The Pork Checkoff is encouraging everyone who has a passion for agriculture or a positive story to share about real pig farming to please use the #RealPigFarming in status updates, tweets, Instagram photos, blogs, vlogs and any other social media update.