Officials in Franklin County, Virginia, have changed zoning regulations to make it easier to construct poultry houses in the county. In doing so, the county hopes that the addition of new chicken houses would help meet the growing demand for poultry, give local farmers other production options, create additional jobs in the county and give local farmers another outlet to sell their feed grains.

During a recent meeting, the county board of supervisors voted to allow property zoned A-1 (general agriculture) to be used for poultry houses. That move would eliminate the need for property owners to obtain a special use permit and go through a lengthy hearing process. Three work sessions were held to discuss the zoning changes before voting on the matter, according to the Franklin News-Post.

Only one board member voted against the zoning changes.


Requirements still must be met to avoid special use permit

While the zoning change will provide an easier process for some landowners wishing to build poultry houses, some requirements will still need to be met. For instance, a poultry house must be at least 300 feet from a dwelling, 250 feed from a property line and at least 1,000 feet from a lake, river, public school or an area that is residentially zoned.